Thursday, July 22, 2010

raw dinner -

Last night Miya, her friend Lindsey and I met Sarah & Johan for dinner at the Blossoming Lotus. I've only been there once before, but it's an amazing vegan/raw food resteraunt. I never knew you could be in love with food! I had the raw taco salad for the first time and wow. Wow. Yummy! I also had the live nachos of course, I still need to try to make those at home one day!
Afterwards we went to the Hungry Tiger, apparently they have really good vegan corn dogs. Given the fact that I've now been raw now for 8 days it probably wouldn't be a good idea to fall off the wagon quite yet. It was quite a cozy atmosphere, there were couches on the back porch, and people playing board games. We played Apples to Apples, first time for me. Cute game!
~*~*~*~*~Oh my gosh! I totally have to take a minute to say how excited I am, I just found out I was eligible to register my skate name! It's been submitted! I'm so super excited, I decided to go with Nori Spekt! I feel a little more official lol~*~*~*~*~*
So THEN after the Hungry Tiger, we went over to CC Slaughters. It's a gay bar, I've never been there before. Really cool place, I can't wait to go back! I finally headed home around midnight, crawled into bed and drug myself in here at 8am this morning :)
I'm still so super excited about my name..Nori :)
Boot camp tonight. 2 hours of getting my butt kicked!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swap-Bot Fun!

I got a postcard today for my Recycled Packaging Postcard Swap, an envelope from my pink ribbon swap, an envelope of little goodies from my Newbie Niceties swap and my package of deco-tapes from my private swap. How cool is that! I guess all the stuff came yesterday, but I stayed home from work so it was there waiting for me. Speaking of, I changed my address so now I'll be recieving packages at home instead of work since I started to get quite a bit of mail. I'm having so much fun with Swap-Bot, what a cool new hobby! I'm in a few swaps currently that I need to work on and get out in the mail, I'll post about them later. I'll also edit this post with pictures of my packages!
Tonight I'm finishing up my journal for Two Weeks In My Lifeto get out in tomorrows mail, that's the one I've been more concerned with. I've NEVER kept a journal on paper, only blogging online and it really is a lot more difficult!

I'm hungry, what's for dinner!?

She said yes :)

So I've been trying to find a good way to ask Miya to be my derby wife for a couple weeks now but it just hasn't quite worked out. Last night, finally, I asked at Gay Skate :) A bunch of us derby girls to go gay skate, it's once a month and a lot of people are there. It's a ton of fun and basically just another 'open skate'. So I asked, and she said yes. I'm pretty excited about it, she's just adorable and the best derby wife I could ask for.

I'm going on day 6 of 100% raw! I've already lost about 8 lbs, but I know it's probably water weight. On top of that I've been skating my ass off and between the two I'm gonna be down to a size 6 in no time! That's my goal :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

*drooling* The Camera I want

I desperately want this camera. It's on sale right now for $399 down from $899, I've never owned a SLR before and it's about time I bought a grown up camera! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boot camp day 1!

First day of boot camp down...barely..
We got our butts handed to us tonight, but it felt amazing! There were about 30 girls there, we really had to push ourselves. Squats, squats, SQUATS! Wow..I was hurting.
I'm probably not going to Wreckers practice tomorrow night, I'm not sure my body could handle it lol. Boot camp again Saturday and Sunday though!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



**A few of us Wreckers met up with Viva & Texine with the High Rollers Saturday morning to be a part of the Street-A-Fair over off of Hoyt. It was a Grand Re-Opening for the local businesses. The lead singer from Everclear was there, we were able to get a picture taken with him so that was pretty awesome. We demonstrated some drills, mingled, and really enjoyed skating outside before heading off to practice. Miya's mom, son, and cousin tagged along too! After practice we headed out to the Mississippi Street Fair to hand out flyers and enjoy the rest of the day outside on skates. It was super busy! We had a beer and some vegan pizza at Mississippi pizza, and got to talk to a couple more people about derby! The street fair shut down around 7, then we headed back to Miya's where I grabbed my Jeep and headed home to sleep. I was so exhausted, and was asleep by 8. The next two days I felt like a truck hit me, and Miya was my angel with Epsom Salts lol.

**Boot camp starts tomorrow! I'm really excited, mostly nervous and a little scared. I think mostly because I don't know what to expect! Well that, and that just means Fresh Meat tryouts are just around the corner (8/12/10) I've heard Fresh Meat is much more intense than Wreckers and if our last practice coached by Wench Warden is an idea of what's to come, I won't be able to walk by the 2nd day!

**If you don't know what a derby wife is, you're not alone…I had no idea about a month and a half ago. I think I'm going to ask a certain someone to be my Derby Wife J I recently posted on Facebook about this my friend Amanda posted the funniest reply

"remember, derby best friends make the best derby wives. there are still so many doors to open yet in derby Kara, dont rush into things, or you may wind up being derby divorced! then you have to divide up the derby property, hire derby lawyers, its a mess. Lots of derby fish in the derby sea. best of luck in your upcoming derby engagement. Ill be happy to officiate the ceremony when it all goes down. :-D "

I laughed so hard, that was priceless! Well, I knew within the first day or two that we had a lot in common besides derby, and there was an immediate friendship/connection there. She's really fun, laid back, into derby as much as I am and genuinely thoughtful. Now I'm just trying to figure out the best way to ask!


**I promised myself when boot camp came around, I would go 100% raw for the 3 weeks I was in it..maybe that would be enough to keep me doing it longer! So today I had a medium zucchini (ribbons) some diced red & green pepper, shredded carrots, cilantro salad with avocado mashed up with lime juice for the 'dressing' and it was yummy!

I have a few new recipe books, so I'm excited to see what I can come up with!



**I'm dying to start my own business. Every day I come up with new ideas and think of how to go about it. It's a bit hard to do when you work full time. I sewed a bag yesterday, it turned out pretty cute! The pattern is really basic, I'm thinking about editing it to make it my own design. Etsy keeps calling my name..I really just need to jump in and do it.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I need to get a tattoo on my hand that says "Update Blog"...seriously.

A couple weeks ago Tini and I took 13 teenagers (Rosebuds) camping for the weekend. It was fun, but a lot of work/stress for only two people. This caused me to miss Wreckers practice. Last weekend, John, Bex, Rachaell, Jamie and I went camping with my mom, sister and niece down in Southern Oregon for the 4th of July/mom's 50th birthday (yet missing another weekend of Wreckers practice..) I'm really not sure how to explain that weekend, it was a strange one. I love my mom dearly, but I went home remembering again why I moved away.

More derby it!! This weekend is my first practice in a month. I've gone to two gay skates and I've skated outdoors but with bootcamp starting next week I need to catch up. Ah yes...bootcamp. I'm so excited I can't stand it. I was on the waiting list for about 3 weeks due to a glitch in the shopping cart. There were 30 spots available and mine went through when there was still room. Aparently it synced up with the system when it was sold out...making me #1 on the waiting list. Well I got the email Tuesday, and I'm in! So starting next Thursday I'll be practicing about 5 times a week, twice on Saturday. It's going to kick my ass, I'll be sore, but it's (hopefully) going to get me ready for Fresh Meat Tryouts in August.
I just bought some awesome tights, socks and laces from Wicked Skatewear, I can't wait to wear them this weekend! And Beki at Oaks set me and Bex up with some awesome new (better) wheels than we already had so I should be set!

Work..ugh. I have a job so I shouldn't be complaining but it's nice outside, I have this great sewing studio/creative space that I'm not able to find time to get to and I'm not in love with my job..not the way I use to be. I can't wait until I come up with an amazing idea, and can sell billions of whatever that may be lol..until then I'm here. Monday through Friday..I'm here. In my cubicle..

Love..oh yeah! I'm more in love than ever. Every day I find yet another reason to be greatful for my awesome relationship. John's really been supportive of RD, helping me figure out what I want to do when I grow up, and the kids. I'm so happy it's one less stress I have to deal with.

Friends..where are they?! Facebook seems to be really the only way of communicating with my friends now, and I'm not exactly sure what I think about it. Jen and I text, Rochelle and I chat online, but for the most part, other than that it's all Facebook. We're all so busy so it certainly comes in handy..but what happened to the personal quality time, the friendly get togethers and happy hour?

I found a website yesterday, Swap-Bot. I can't believe I've never heard of this before, but it's a website where you can go to trade stuff! Handmade, New, Vintage, whatever! I'm excited to get started and start swapping, I love getting things in the mail! I signed up for a few already, one I'm most excited about is a journal swap. We keep a daily journal with a minimum of 10 entries and 10 pictures. We need to include 3 'souveniers' and an intro page. We then send it off to the person that was assigned to us and we get to read about the life of a complete stranger! I think it's really cool, and I'm going to tell them all about roller derby! Another one, is we just need to send a package of pink stuff. That's it, just pink items! Ribbon, note cards, stickers, fabric, etc. We get to read their profile and get an idea of the kinds of things they like and go from there. I can't wait to start getting packages in the mail!

That's it for now, time to work!