Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pieces of Kara!

Like everyone elses, my life is made up of (what feels like) a million different pieces. I have an abnormally large number of hobbies, ideas what I think are just great at the time, projects I never finish and what I like to call 'girl moments'. My girls drive me crazy but I love them more than anything. I'm extremely thankful to be employed but sometimes working two jobs drives me insane.

I have a blog for sewing, then of course Myspace and Facebook, then some random blogs laying around the internet. I started off in Live Journal, which I still use once ina blue moon, but I've always liked the idea of starting fresh.

Here's hoping this one will be one of the last ones I create. Here's hoping this is one of the best years of all time, and here's hoping I can find some way to stop 30 from happening..I've got less than 3 months to figure it out.