Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tickets - Tickets- Get your Tickets!

I finally got to experience what it's like to skate in downtown Portland. I met up with Tyger and Tammy at Henry's for a drink before heading out to pass out flyers and promote the awesomeness that is Roller Derby.
We had a great time, the weather stayed dry, and at the end of the night Tammy ended up selling 4 tickets!

Friday, June 11, 2010

2 Year 364 Days!

John and I area heading out of town tonight for our 3 year anniversary. We're going on a weekend road trip with no set destination in mind and I'm pretty excited about it. Tonight we'll be heading toward the John Day Fossil Beds (I think) but we'll see! Now that we have a Cherokee we can throw the air mattress in the back and sleep back there. Who needs a hotel room when you've got an SUV! Lol Tomorrow I think we'll make our way towards Bend and hit some hot springs along the way.

The only thing that really sucks, is I'll be missing practice AGAIN..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I just want to skate!

Is this normal!? I work Monday through Friday 8-5, practice is Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. I live in Oregon, which means rain..and a lot of it. I FINALLY get my outdoor wheels and I have no idea where to skate around here.

I could go to Oaks, and pay $6 every time I wanna go but I'm hoping to find somewhere around here that doesn't cost. That's indoors! The mall? Lol I don't know how well that would go over..but the people would make great obstacles!


How To Date A Rollergirl: A MANual

This is by far the funniest thing I've read this week. It seems to ring pretty true, especially the part where we smell. Bad.
This is a must read for any boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/partner/stalker of any derby girl. Don't say you weren't warned!
I borrowed this from, please check out their site!

Dating a rollergirl is not for the faint of heart, gentlemen. There are intolerable things that you will be forced to put up with: your girl smells. She smells BAAAAD. She has lots of friends, LOTS of them; and they all smell bad too. Her hobby is expensive—we can spend more money on SHIT than you would ever believe (It’s true!). Roller derby is evolving faster than DELL. She’s always covered in unsightly bruises, and you will probably catch some scathing glances from restaurant patrons when they catch a glimpse of her battered biceps.
But there are plenty of perks that go along with dating a rollergirl too: chances are your old lady has the sweetest ass on the block. Chances are your old lady has the meanest BLOCK on the block, too. You get the bragging rights of dating the Tri-State Leg Wrestling Champion. She’s the closest thing you’ll ever meet to Wonder Woman, and your old lady has her own old lady. How cool is that!

So, here are a few tips to keep your Warrior Woman happy:

1—Don’t EVER say, “Dude, I totally saw you bust your ass out there” or any variation of that phrase. I just knocked down eight people BEFORE I busted my ass, so how ‘bout you point that out.

2—Please don’t bitch about the smell! I know I stink. I can smell myself. People recoil and visibly wretch when I walk into the gas station after practice. I really don’t need you to point out that I stink after every bout, practice, dryland, etc.

3—Forget the flowers. Bearings are a girls best friend—expensive ones, that come in tiny red boxes adorned with white crosses.

4—Compliment me on my ass, a lot! Flattery will get you everywhere! I worked hard on that thing. It’s nice to know you appreciate it.

5—If you’re going to get mad when I don’t pay attention to you at practice, don’t come. I don’t hang out at the gym while you and your boys pump iron, then get pissed off ‘cause you’re too busy giving yourself a hernia doing leg presses to pay attention to me. You don’t go to the gym to hang out with me! I don’t go to practice to hang out with you!

6—I’m on a high protein diet! Stay the fuck out of my beef jerky!

7—If we win, tell me how awesome I was.

8—If we lose, TELL ME HOW AWESOME I WAS!!! Now is not the time to bring up the fact that I accidentally took out my own jammer during the last jam when we were down by six points.

These are just a few simple suggestions that really will make your lives easier, guys. And remember, the way to a rollergirl’s heart is ATOM!

How To Date A Rollergirl: A MANual

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ima Slacker!

It's June 2nd and I haven't posted a real blog worthy post in..well..a LONG time! I swore this year I'd do better. I guess I've been so wrapped up with random Facebook posts on a daily basis I've completely forgoten about blogging.

So here I am again.
My crazy life now consists of Roller Derby and work. My job is pretty basic, Mon-Fri 8-5 (4 on Fridays) but Roller Derby..Roller Derby has taken over..and I LOVE it! I joined barely a month and a half ago, and since then I've been going to practices 3 days a week, a few open skates at Oaks, a few bouts, and I've been volunteering. Not to mention Bex is now a Rosebud (Portland's Junior Roller Derby team) so I'm trying to help out where I can with them as well. I'm sore all the time, I often feel like I'm not getting anywhere and I'm considering changing my name to Klutz. But I feel so amazing after the practices, and as much as I hate endruance training..I am so thankfull for it after. I signed up for the Pre-Meat Bootcamp last night, I really think it will be a great experience, not to mention raise my chances on getting picked for the Fresh Meat team. Bootcamp goes from 7/15-8/8 and tryouts are 8/12. I'm already nervous. But..I know what I need to practice, I know what I'm struggling with and if I could just get those things down it will make more confident for the bootcamp!

This weekend is Our Gang Off Road's Season Opener up at Browns Camp and I'm leading a ladies only trail run...otherwise I'd be going to the Championships and practice :(

Zoe got to spend the night with me on Saturday. It was awesome, I haven't cared for a newborn (2 mos.) in almost 10 years! Funny how everything comes back. I have absolutely no desire to have any more kids, and I LOVE that I can just take her home to her parents :) But Jen and I have been best friends for 13 years. We've been there through each others marriage's, divorces, kids, custody issues, legal issues, we've had normal best friend problems and here we are. She's not my sister, but she might as well be. I'm so greatful to be Zoe's aunt, I'm excited to spoil her rotten, to be a shoulder for her to cry on. To have a safe place for her to come to when she's 15 and her parent's 'just don't understand'.

That's it for now, time to get back to work.