Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swap-Bot Fun!

I got a postcard today for my Recycled Packaging Postcard Swap, an envelope from my pink ribbon swap, an envelope of little goodies from my Newbie Niceties swap and my package of deco-tapes from my private swap. How cool is that! I guess all the stuff came yesterday, but I stayed home from work so it was there waiting for me. Speaking of, I changed my address so now I'll be recieving packages at home instead of work since I started to get quite a bit of mail. I'm having so much fun with Swap-Bot, what a cool new hobby! I'm in a few swaps currently that I need to work on and get out in the mail, I'll post about them later. I'll also edit this post with pictures of my packages!
Tonight I'm finishing up my journal for Two Weeks In My Lifeto get out in tomorrows mail, that's the one I've been more concerned with. I've NEVER kept a journal on paper, only blogging online and it really is a lot more difficult!

I'm hungry, what's for dinner!?

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