Wednesday, July 14, 2010



**A few of us Wreckers met up with Viva & Texine with the High Rollers Saturday morning to be a part of the Street-A-Fair over off of Hoyt. It was a Grand Re-Opening for the local businesses. The lead singer from Everclear was there, we were able to get a picture taken with him so that was pretty awesome. We demonstrated some drills, mingled, and really enjoyed skating outside before heading off to practice. Miya's mom, son, and cousin tagged along too! After practice we headed out to the Mississippi Street Fair to hand out flyers and enjoy the rest of the day outside on skates. It was super busy! We had a beer and some vegan pizza at Mississippi pizza, and got to talk to a couple more people about derby! The street fair shut down around 7, then we headed back to Miya's where I grabbed my Jeep and headed home to sleep. I was so exhausted, and was asleep by 8. The next two days I felt like a truck hit me, and Miya was my angel with Epsom Salts lol.

**Boot camp starts tomorrow! I'm really excited, mostly nervous and a little scared. I think mostly because I don't know what to expect! Well that, and that just means Fresh Meat tryouts are just around the corner (8/12/10) I've heard Fresh Meat is much more intense than Wreckers and if our last practice coached by Wench Warden is an idea of what's to come, I won't be able to walk by the 2nd day!

**If you don't know what a derby wife is, you're not alone…I had no idea about a month and a half ago. I think I'm going to ask a certain someone to be my Derby Wife J I recently posted on Facebook about this my friend Amanda posted the funniest reply

"remember, derby best friends make the best derby wives. there are still so many doors to open yet in derby Kara, dont rush into things, or you may wind up being derby divorced! then you have to divide up the derby property, hire derby lawyers, its a mess. Lots of derby fish in the derby sea. best of luck in your upcoming derby engagement. Ill be happy to officiate the ceremony when it all goes down. :-D "

I laughed so hard, that was priceless! Well, I knew within the first day or two that we had a lot in common besides derby, and there was an immediate friendship/connection there. She's really fun, laid back, into derby as much as I am and genuinely thoughtful. Now I'm just trying to figure out the best way to ask!


**I promised myself when boot camp came around, I would go 100% raw for the 3 weeks I was in it..maybe that would be enough to keep me doing it longer! So today I had a medium zucchini (ribbons) some diced red & green pepper, shredded carrots, cilantro salad with avocado mashed up with lime juice for the 'dressing' and it was yummy!

I have a few new recipe books, so I'm excited to see what I can come up with!



**I'm dying to start my own business. Every day I come up with new ideas and think of how to go about it. It's a bit hard to do when you work full time. I sewed a bag yesterday, it turned out pretty cute! The pattern is really basic, I'm thinking about editing it to make it my own design. Etsy keeps calling my name..I really just need to jump in and do it.


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