Friday, April 20, 2012

Sick of being sick....

This marks the 6th day of me being sick and I'm not loving it. I haven't felt this bad in many years. I finally went to the dr. yesterday and was told I've got bronchitis. I was prescribed an inhaler and cough syrup with codine. I'm pretty sure it's just nasty bitter water though, as it's done nothing so far. I'm happy I got it when I did though, and not a few days earlier as I was still able to bout last Saturday. The sad thing is, I've now missed two scrimmages, 2 endurance's and 1 1/2 team practices. I feel weak and tired, and every time I get up and try to do something as little as a load of laundry I break out in a sweat. Not good. It's also completely stopped production of my bags, I haven't sewn since last Friday at our team bonding night (derby) and even then it wasn't much. We're supposed to be going to the drive in tomorrow night, here's hoping I'm up for it! XOXOXOXO

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