Thursday, March 8, 2012

My head is spinning..

I recently decided to re-start my raw food journey and I'm on day 4. I haven't been 100% raw, it's been more like 90..but it's still a major change. I feel better every day, my head is clearer and I'm more focused. In a strange way, I feel more at peace. I think I'm a hippie at heart...I'd have dreadlocks and drive a Volkswagen van if it made sense with the rest of my life. I think now, I'd just get strange looks. I'm in a purging phase at home. My apartment has been so extremely cluttered the last year/two and I'm in the mood to just get rid of everything. So, yesterday that's what I started doing. I'm interested in seeing the changes I'm able to make today. I don't really need to leave the house, except to run to the grocery store for more produce so it should be a good day to clean.

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