Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good morning!

So setting my alarm for 5am doesn't really do me much good when I hit snooze every 10 minutes. So up at 7 instead!
I decided to juice this morning, but not my normal orange, strawberry, pear, apple, carrot juice. I've been wanting to try 'green' juice for a while now, I just couldn't bring myself to it. So today it's parsley, spinnach, kale, with a bit of orange. It's really not that bad and I'm really looking forward to the energy. I've been so tired and almost lathargic lately. My dr. thinks I have a vitamin b12 deficiency..I think he's right. This should do the trick!

Off to shower, clean up a bit then head to the studio where I'm sure I'll hit a brick wall and my head will go blank...what will I be creating today I wonder??

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